Roses Candle - 270g

Roses Candle - 270g


The delicate perfume of blooming rose petals in the morning dew, it’s ethereal scent calms and heightens the spirits.

Encased in hand-blown glass and made entirely of natural ingredients. On lighting of the Essence + Alchemy Roses Candle, it first gifts the crackle of the wooden wick, then its warming glow releases the uplifting aromatherapy essence into the air. Wax is slowly wicked away leaving a glass for reuse - drinking, planting or refillable with a new candle scent.

Wax Weight: 270g | 300ml | Up to 70 hours burn
Glass Size : H:90mm Ø:80mm

Essence + Alchemy Refills

Each Essence + Alchemy candle is a unique scent, formulated with a complex blend of essential oils* to naturally fragrance the home. Candles are hand-poured into British made hand-blown glass with sustainably sourced natural plant wax, pure essential oils and FSC certified wood-wick.

*Essential oils are naturally occurring in plants and trees and have been used for centuries to promote mental and physical well-being. Inhaling them stimulates the olfactory system, the part of the brain connected to smell and when their aroma molecules reach the brain they affect the limbic system, linked to emotions, heart rate, breathing and memory. In this way, essential oils can have a subtle holistic effect with true therapeutic well-being benefits.

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One of the fundamental symbols of alchemy with many manuscripts called ‘Rosarium’ meaning Rose Garden. Roses were widely used medicinally in ancient times. The scent of a rose relaxes and strengthens, imparting a feeling of calm and well-being.