Tea-Light Set + Bag of Tea-lights Bundle

Tea-Light Set + Bag of Tea-lights Bundle


To reduce waste, Essence + Alchemy tea-lights are not poured into disposable foil or plastic containers like standard high-street tea-lights.  Each tea-light set comes with a reusable tea-light candle holder so that when you have finished burning one tea-light you can reuse the holder again.  

When you add to cart you will be asked which tea-light set and tea-light refill candles you would like. 

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To minimise waste Essence + Alchemy Tea-lights do not come with metal foils or plastic containers, they are designed to be used with the tea-light holder included in the set.   They are individually wrapped in paper glassine bags which are recyclable  and biodegradable/compostable. Tea-light refill candles are available in all scents here.