lesley Bramwell

Alchemist + Founder

Essence + Alchemy was founded in 2015 by Lesley, who had an ambition to formulate the most natural and sustainable scented candles possible, using traditional craftsmanship combined with aromatherapy and the ancient theories of alchemy.

Lesley grew up on the north east coast of England surrounded by sea air and woodlands. Introduced to aromatherapy after receiving a gift of essential oils from her mother, Lesley was intrigued both by their natural scent and healing properties. A long time obsession with nature and it’s protection, Lesley graduated from the University of Bradford with a Batchelor of Science degree in environmental science and went to work in the field of industrial and workplace pollution. Years later and a continued obsession with the natural power of aromatherapy, amidst a stressful house renovation, Lesley started making essential oil scented rapeseed wax candles as a calming distraction.

Lesley is a self-taught scent alchemist. With no formal training in the field, but decades of personal aromatherapy experience and books in essential oils, science and wellbeing, she went to work in creating the compositions, which launched her first signature scents. Over time, the scents have developed and new ones have been formulated. A fascination with aromatherapeutic wellbeing, old alchemical texts and symbolism led to the perfectly balanced equation of Essence + Alchemy and the continual evolution of the brand.

Essence + Alchemy is my way of elevating the art of natural scent by creating a sensory connection with nature with a core focus on wellbeing and natural science. Essential oils are the essence, the molecules and energy that radiate the life force of plants and they can support you physically and emotionally. When developing scents, the starting point is always the plants, their connection with the natural environment and their therapeutic properties. A strict alchemical process of using only pure naturals and small-batch methods ensures not only beautifully scented goods but consciously made products with therapeutic benefits that capture the true essence of plants.
— Lesley A Bramwell