A background in environmental science and personal experience of aromatherapy helped Lesley, founder of Essence + Alchemy become a natural scent alchemist. Taking a scientific approach that’s balanced with nature, Lesley designs, handcrafts and packages each Essence + Alchemy product from a small garden laboratory in Sheffield.


"Essence + Alchemy is my way of elevating the art of natural scent by creating a sensory connection with nature with a core focus on wellbeing and natural science. Using and blending essential oils for many years for my own well-being, I've gained knowledge through reference books and experimentation.  Essential oils are the essence, the molecules and energy that radiate the life force of plants and they can support you physically and emotionally. When developing scents, the starting point is always the plants, their connection with the natural environment and their therapeutic properties. A strict alchemical process of using only pure naturals and small-batch methods ensures not only beautifully scented goods but consciously made products with therapeutic benefits that capture the true essence of plants."

Lesley A Bramwell Essence + Alchemy.jpg
Essence + Alchemy is like a scientific equation, a formula of combining natural scent with a little bit of magic mixed in. 
— Lesley A Bramwell