Tranquility Incense

Tranquility Incense


Tranquility incense combines the deep smokey essence of vetiver essential oil with calming & uplifting patchouli & geranium. This incense with it's rich and warm scent will help to deeply relax body & mind. Great for using during yoga and meditation.

Packet of 15 Incense Sticks
Burn Time: 45 minutes (11.25 hours overall)
Scent Longevity:  2-4 hours (in a medium size room)
Size: 20cm

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Ingredients: Charcoal wood incense base with pure essential oils. 

Care: Keep your incense inside its packet until you want to burn it.  Some of the essential oils used may evaporate if left outside the packet for too long. Store out of direct sunlight.

Directions: Place incense stick in an incense holder.  Light the end of the stick until the incense holds its own flame.  Let the flame burn for a few seconds and gently blow it out.  Smoke will rise and your incense will start to fill your space with beautiful aromas.  

Safety: Always burn in a well ventilated area and never leave unattended.