Lesley A Bramwell

 A background in environmental science and personal experience of aromatherapy helped Lesley founder of Essence + Alchemy become a natural scent alchemist.


Lesley A Bramwell - E+A Founder

Encouraged by my mother a keen gardener and lover of botanicals, I've been using and blending essential oils for many years. Gaining knowledge of their aromatherapeutic benefits through reference books, I would create wellbeing blends for the diffuser or for bathing to help me relax and de-stress.  

I was an occupational hygiene + environmental consultant for many years, helping manufacturers protect their workers and the environment from chemical pollution before deciding to completely change my life and follow a new path.  Essence + Alchemy reflects both my strong connection with nature and my scientific background.  I like to think of it as an equation, a formula of combining natural scent with magic mixed in. 

Each E+A scent is very different. When developing them, my starting point is always the plants, their therapeutic properties and a memory or sensation I'd like to evoke.  I only use pure and safe natural ingredients.

In a home fragrance industry over saturated with synthetics and poor plant imitations, I'm trying to bring naturals to light.  Using chemical or synthetic alternatives isn't an option and I will never compromise on the ingredients I use. This strict alchemical process of using only pure naturals and making each product by hand in small batches ensures beautifully scented goods to be enjoyed by everyone.

For relaxation I like to spray the bedroom with the Unwind Aroma Mist and light an Unwind or Tranquility candle an hour before bedtime.  When I'm feeling anxious I like to meditate using Tranquility Incense. Getting ready for the day or evening out, I like to indulge in a candle-lit bath with an Aether candle to help re-energise and clear my mind. 

"People are capable at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of"

Paulo Coelho "The Alchemist"

The E+A Garden LAB

The E+A Garden Laboratory in Sheffield, where E+A products are designed, crafted and packed by hand.