Why Rapeseed Wax?

When sourcing raw materials, I always try to source as locally as possible.  Wax is the largest ingredient in an Essence + Alchemy candle so making sure I chose the right wax was a very important decision. Read on to learn more about Rapeseed, this humble British grown plant and why it makes the the perfect wax for E+A candles.


  • Rapeseed is a member of the brassica family and was brought here to the UK by the Romans, who primarily used it for it's oil.  


  • The rape plant can grow up to 6 foot and flowering in the summer months, it converts the British landscape into a brilliant carpet of yellow.  


  • It's a plant which has been grown in the UK for hundreds of years as animal feed and to protect soils making it an important crop for British agriculture.


  • Essence + Alchemy Rapeseed wax is manufactured in the UK from non GMO and sustainable rapeseed grown in the UK and the EU making it the most eco-friendly choice with a lower carbon footprint than many other imported plant waxes such as soy, coconut and palm wax.


  • It's not blended with any other hidden waxes or additives. It's also non-hazardous, biodegradable, harmless to wildlife and vegan-friendly.


  • It's the perfect candle wax because it burns cleanly, for a long time and has great scent retention.