Designed for Life

The Essence + Alchemy glass candle range combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design. Hand blown in the UK with borosilicate glass, their cylindrical, understated forms fit perfectly into any room and when lit they create a warm, sensory ambience with their golden glow and natural aromatherapy scent.

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The Beaker

Dimensions: H90mm x Ø80mm
Wax Weight: 270g (300ml)
Wick: FSC wood-wick
Wax Type: Sustainable rapeseed wax
Scent: 100% essential oils
Burn Time: Up to 70 hours
Packaging: Recycled card, FSC paper labels

Big and beautiful, the Essence + Alchemy beaker candle burns slowly and cleanly for 70 hours. It’s crackling wood wick provides a warm, sensory experience, which compliments the natural aromatherapy essences.

Choosing ethos over ego, the glass is unbranded. Paper labels can be removed with ease and recycled leaving a functional and versatile clear glass to be used long after the candle has burned away. Handblown with heat resistant borosilicate glass it’s even perfect for holding hot or cold drinks and snacks.

Candle Refills are available here


The Votive

Dimensions: H50mm x Ø45mm
Wax Weight: 55g (60ml)
Wick: Pure cotton wick
Wax Type: Sustainable rapeseed wax
Scent: 100% essential oils
Burn Time: Up to 15 hours
Packaging: Card Tube, FSC paper labels

Small and mighty, the Essence + Alchemy votive candle burns slowly and cleanly for 15 hours. Add a few to the mantelpiece to bring instant warmth to your space or leave it wrapped up and pop one in your bag to take on your travels.

Votives were designed to be made to keep, handblown from heat resistant borosilicate glass, they are strong and perfectly sized for burning tea-lights indoors and out.

Tea-light Refills are available here

Lesley A Bramwell