The word incense is derived from the Latin words incendere to burn and incensus to cause a passion or an emotion. Incense often evokes a mental state, which goes far beyond the physical manifestation of it's scent, that's why it's often used in meditation to help cleanse the mind of distractions and to help focus.  

What I love about incense is that the lighting of it is a ritual, which connects me to the elements.  It requires fire to ignite and oxygen to burn. I need oxygen to breathe and fire to live so by striking a match and lighting incense I feel a connection to the air and earth.  I find that it’s best to light incense mindfully, firstly I light a candle (from the log fire if possible) and then I light the end of the incense stick from the candle flame. I let the end of the stick burn with a flame for a few seconds before blowing it out and gently releasing the essential oil carrying smoke into the air. 

Essence + Alchemy Incense is 100% natural, handmade only with wood powders and infused with pure essential oils.  It is made in small batches and currently available in the E+A signature scents: Tranquility, Wild Garden and Unwind. 

Photograph by   Helena Dolby     for Essence + Alchemy

Photograph by Helena Dolby for Essence + Alchemy