New Beginnings

Hello! I'm back and I am so excited to have launched the new online store and I am even more excited if you're here reading my first blog post (eek!). If you have arrived here from Instagram or Twitter you will probably know a little bit about E+A already, but if you don't, here's a little recap.

It was just over 2 years ago when Essence + Alchemy launched online, starting with a very basic web store and 4 signature candle scents. I was also travelling around the UK Monday to Friday carrying out environmental consultancy, so a lot of work went in at the weekends and evenings getting E+A off the ground. Thanks to all of your encouragement, lovely words and orders, I have kept going and have watched the business grow organically.  I quit my career as an self-employed consultant last September and now work full time with plans underway to build a garden laboratory. 

Taking a melancholy look back at where I began and where Essence + Alchemy is now, I'm feeling proud of my little brand and a huge sense of self achievement for making it this far while sticking to my values all the way; sourcing locally, sustainably, ethically and making simple + natural + beautiful products.  To commemorate turning 2 and because it's May, my birthday month, what better way to celebrate and mark the occasion than with the launch of a new online store and fresh branding.  If you would like to find out what's been happening behind the scenes and find out what's new, keep reading... 

BRANDING - with the help and patience of local Sheffield designer Sean Coleman, E+A branding and labels have had a big shiny refresh. I adore the new designs and love all the colours, which took a while to choose, but we got there.  What do you think?

Beautiful photography by Helena Dolby.

Essence and Alchemy Candle Packaging.jpg

CANDLE PACKAGING - New bespoke size, perfect fit, locally handmade candle packaging, which is also made from recycled card and is 100% recyclable.  

Essence and Alchemy Candle Packaging Box.jpg

GOLD -  The historical definition of alchemy is the transformation of base metals into gold, so it's rather fitting that there are some new gold products - tea-light sets with brass plated tea-light cups and gold tin travel candles.  The candle boxes also have gold staples and the mist bottles are sealed with a gold sticker.

Essence and Alchemy Gold.jpg

NAME CHANGES -  The very popular Hibernate has been renamed Restore The essential oil blend with lemongrass, lavender, rosewood and chamomile is very calming and restorative and because it's a favourite all year round, I decided that Restore was the perfect name for it.  Purify is now Aether with added sage and juniper berry to the lemon, rosemary and peppermint and Flowers is Flora. 

AROMA MISTS - New name and a new formulations and with new packaging, branding and bottles, they will look great in your house and make perfect gifts.  There is also a travel size available.

Essence and Alchemy Aroma Mists.jpg

CANDLE REFILLS - I am now offering a candle refill service where you can return your used candle beakers for refilling.  All you have to do is post your beakers back and they will be refilled in the scent of your choice and posted back to you for free. If you don't want the hassle of that, there are also physical candle refills available for the large candle beakers.   Find out more here.

CANDLE CLUB - Just a little bit excited about this.  There's a new club in town, are you in it?  You can sign up for 3 month or 6 month candle subscriptions! If you'd like to find out more, lets talk about it #ilovecandleclub

NEW BLOG - The LAB Notebook will be where I will be telling you about E+A products, exhibitions, updates and some DIYs. I hope to post something at least once a month. I will let everyone know through social medial channels - Instagram & Twitter.  

NEWSLETTER - You can now sign up to E+A Communications by entering your name and email address below.

Thank you all so much for stopping by and reading my first blog post, please have a browse of the new store and let me know what you think. Hope you like it!