Azoth Reed Diffuser - Limited Edition

Azoth Reed Diffuser - Limited Edition


The Azoth Room diffuser is presented in an amber glass apothecary bottle with natural rattan reeds, which release the aromatherapy scent passively into your space. Designed to help relax and calm the mind with a therapeutic blend of natural essential oils.

Scent: Herbal, grassy, floral, sweet.
Volume: 100ml | 3 Months Diffusion
Bottle Size : H:110mm Ø:45mm
Natural Reeds: 5 x 240mm

With a unique blend of essential oils, including lavender and marjoram known for their sedative properties the Essence + Alchemy ‘Azoth’ scent is both relaxing and calming, a wonderful natural scent for the bedroom, landing or bathroom.

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