Alchemy is the art that separates what is useful from what is not by transforming it into it’s ultimate matter and essence.
— Philippus Aureolus Paracelsus (Alchemist 1493-1541)


Essence + Alchemy is a sustainable, handcrafted collection of earth friendly small-batch botanical scented goods. Founder and maker Lesley grew up on the northeast coast and has a degree in Environmental Science.  E+A was born out of her passion for the earth sciences and experimentation with natural scent using only essential oils  (the life force of plants) and botanicals. Using her own aromatic experiences and memories, she uses alchemical processes to create a transformative energy and connection with nature through plant aromas.


E+A is strongly influenced by the theories of alchemy, which was was based on the belief that in nature there are four basic elements; air, fire, water and earth and with the right combination of these, any substance could be formed including precious metals, namely gold and healing elixirs. E+A is based on this idea, creating therapeutic products which symbolise the elements.




Everything that goes into an Essence + Alchemy product is simple and natural, a plant base + aromatherapeutic essential oils for scent, that's it, nothing else. There are no synthetic fragrances, no additives, just pure and natural Mother Earth goodness. Packaging is simple, honest and reminiscent of vintage laboratory ware. Essence + Alchemy candle beakers are british made, handblown and reusable. Branding is clean and simple, inspired by the colours of nature and the natural elements.