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E+A story

Consciously made goods to support natural well-being

Inspired by the elements of fire, water, air and earth, Essence + Alchemy (E+A) is a botanical scented goods brand focused on handcrafting sustainable collections with honesty and transparency to support natural well-being.

Founder, Lesley A Bramwell started out as an Environmental Scientist and after experimenting for many years with botanicals and essential oils for their well-being properties, she decided this was her true passion and it was time to launch a new venture. Lesley started creating natural candles in her kitchen and then hatched the idea for Essence + Alchemy, bringing together the natural scent and energy of plants (essence) + Lesley’s scientific and environmental background (alchemy). 

Essence + Alchemy is an uncomplicated formula of natural simplicity and beauty and you will notice a difference with E+A scents. Everything that goes into each product is natural; a plant base + essential oils for scent, nothing else. No synthetic fragrances, no additives, just pure and natural botanical goodness.

Without compromising beauty and design, E+A packaging is carefully considered with reuse in mind. Glass containers are reminiscent of old laboratory ware, candle beakers are British made, handblown and very reusable. Branding is clean and simple using the colours and hues in nature, the four natural elements and their alchemical symbols - every product fits into one of the four elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

Working with only natural ingredients, sustainability will always be at the heart of E+A and as the brand grows it only becomes more integral. Creating natural and sustainable products helps protect our planet now and for future generations.

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Alchemy is the art that separates what is useful from what is not by transforming it into it’s ultimate matter and essence
— Philippus Aureolus Paracelsus (Alchemist 1493-1541)