Small Candle Refill

Small Candle Refill


Candle refills have been specially designed for use in an Essence + Alchemy small candle beaker and are available in all scents. Simply slide the refill candle into a clean beaker, light the wick and enjoy.

Candles are packaged in a recycled kraft paper bag which is 100% recyclable.

You will be asked which refill(s) you would like when you add to cart.

Size - 120ml / 4.2oz Wax / 30+ hours

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Essence + Alchemy Candles are 100% natural and a blend of sustainable rapeseed wax and essential oils with no added chemicals or additives. Rapeseed is locally sourced, grown in the UK and also provides a cleaner and longer lasting burn than other waxes. E+A candles do not contain any synthetic fragrance oils.