Unwind Aroma Mist

Unwind Aroma Mist


Relax and allow your mind to be free.

Organic plant oil and floral water enriched with relaxing lavender and sweet marjoram organic essential oils provide a calming and floral scent. Mist your space and aura with this organic aromatherapy mist to soothe your mind and aid sleep.

Hand blended and poured into an amber glass spray bottle and beautifully packaged in a recycled card gift tube.

Scent Notes: Floral + Herbal + Calming
Size: 100ml / 3.5oz
Natural + Organic + Vegan Friendly

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Essence + Alchemy Aroma Mists are 100% natural - a carefully formulated blend of organic plant oil, floral waters and essential oils to provide unique therapeutic aromas to your space.

Mists are packaged in a recycled cardboard gift tube, which can be reused or recycled after use. Please recycle or keep the bottle after use, it can be cleaned easily with warm, soapy water and reused as a plant watering mister or a small vase.