Unwind Travel Candle

Unwind Travel Candle


Relax and allow your mind to be free.

The Unwind Candle is enriched with the relaxing combination of lavender and sweet marjoram organic essential oils to help create a moment of calm and de-stress tired minds.

The candle is hand poured into a British made gold tin with a wooden wick, which when lit will crackle and glow giving out a calming, aromatic scent.

Size - 60ml / 2.1oz Wax / 10+ hours

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Essence + Alchemy Candles are 100% natural and a blend of sustainable rapeseed wax and essential oils with no added chemicals or additives. Rapeseed is locally sourced, grown in the UK and also provides a cleaner and longer lasting burn than other waxes. E+A candles do not contain any synthetic fragrance oils.

The essential oils in this blend have been carefully selected and formulated to provide unique therapeutic aromas to your space.  On lighting an E+A candle, the essential oils are released into the air, helping to calm and uplift the mind and spirit.  

+ Lavender: Relaxes the body and mind. Very good for anxiety.

+ Sweet Marjoram: Sedative and mind calming. Symbol of joy and happiness.