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tea-light candle club INTL


Receive a bag of 6 x tea-light refills in the scents of your choice every month for 6 months.

E+A Tea-lights can be used in any standard size tea-light holder and burn for 4-5 hours each. To retain freshness, each tea-light is packaged in a biodegradable glassine bag with a paper scent label to identify each candle.

How it works

Your card will be charged each month before your candles are dispatched.

Subscriptions are shipped more or less around the same time each month from when you subscribed give or take a few days.

Delivery is included in the price of the subscription.

You choose which scents you’d like to receive. You can change your options during the subscription period by logging into your account, details will be sent after sign up.


Please choose which 6 tea-lights you would like each month. Scents currently available are:

Restore, Unwind, Tranquility, Smoke, Aether, Roses, Wild Garden, Winter Bergamot or leave it up to fate and choose Surprise Me (random selection).