A few times a year, E+A founder Lesley A Bramwell (LAB) is fortunate to collaborate with like-minded creatives and designers on bespoke scents and limited edition botanical scented goods. Here are some of the projects.


LAND Scent

Room diffuser presented in a round amber glass bottle with natural rattan reed sticks. Designed to fill spaces with natural aromas by diffusion, the intermingling of aromatic vapours by the natural movement of their particles.

Contains an organic botanical base and pure essential oils. LAND is an aromatherapy blend inspired by the Scottish Highlands including Yarrow, Thyme, Fir Needle, Sage and Aniseed.

Designed in collaboration with The Plant Room botanical design studio for their immersive installation and creative space with Textile Designer Laura Slater at London Design Festival 2018 and RHS Chelsea May 2019.

Lesley created the bespoke LAND scent, which was diffused throughout the LAND exhibition at both events. The botanicals in the scent were inspired by the plants used in the installation.

More information on the LAND exhibition here


The Mowbray Incense

Woody essential oils were used to harness the scent of local woodland combined with earthy vetiver, smoky howood and cade to evoke the hazy aromas of wood clearing and charcoal production in the 17th Century to the metalworking use of the building in the 20th. Lightly scented with floral notes of rose geranium and palmarosa captures the scent of wild geraniums covering the local woodland floor and the florals and herbs growing in the roof top garden. Incense smoke gives a nod to the smoky industrial past of the building as well as providing a sense of ritual, a moment of calm before an event or meeting.

Essence + Alchemy Incense.jpg
Herbology Plant Room.jpg

Herbology Scent

Essence + Alchemy collaborated with The Plant Room for their Herbology Room installation as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations of JK Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone’ at Leeds Central Library in partnership with the British Library.

A bespoke Herbology scent was created, which was diffused throughout the room throughout the exhibition. Each botanical was chosen because of it's historical association with magical spells, herbalism and the herbology studies in the Harry Potter stories.

Herbology is a magical essential oil blend of Lemon Verbena, Oregano, Dill, Sage and Rosewood, all known for their protective powers and effectiveness in removing negative energy.


Kira Ni x E+A Candle

A second collaboration with ceramicist Kira Ni. Kira created a limited edition batch of black ceramic vessels to launch Essence + Alchemy’s new scent SMOKE.


From the Land x Essence + Alchemy

Essence + Alchemy’s first collaboration was a series of concrete planter candles with From the Land (previously Conpot). After the candles burned away, a beautiful planter remained to use for growing succulents or cacti.