Makers 4 Refugees

Back in early 2017 I was invited by my lovely Instagram friend and ceramicist Pippa Wilcox to join her incredible fund raising project called Makers 4 Refugees, a year long project bringing together a global collective of makers each creating work to raise money for the refugee charity Help Refugees a grass-root organisation providing aid for refugees across Europe and the Middle East.  

My week selling a small-batch of limited edition Halcyon Candles and Tea-light Sets was 13th February, which raised just under £500. Now into week 17, thanks to the wonderful generosity of all the makers involved and the amazing support received, the fundraising total has already exceeded the target of £10,000 in just under 5 months.     

When Pip asked if I'd like to be involved, this is why I didn't hesitate, this is the difference this money will make to the lives of some of the people currently living through such desperate times:

  • a meal for one person in Athens - 25p

  • a mosquito net for a family's tent in Greece - £10

  • a pair of sturdy, comfortable shoes - £15

  • baby milk for one baby, for a week - £20

  • a buggy and cot - £25

  • a warm sleeping bag - £30

  • a refillable fire extinguisher - £35

  • the cost of a bread-maker and the ingredients for one person to make their own bread - £65 for the machine, 75p for ingredients for one person for the month

  • to support an unaccompanied child to live with a Greek family for a month - £400

  • fresh fruit and vegetables for 1 camp on average for 1 month - £2500

  • running a mobile sexual reproductive health clinic for a month - £5500

  • a rescue boat on the water for 30 days - £23,000

Makers 4 Refugees in a nutshell and why you should definitely be following along

There are 40+ global Makers across a variety of disciplines coming together to make a difference. Running from 6th Feb to 17th Dec 2017 one Maker per week is selling their work with ALL of the proceeds (less shipping - and website/PayPal processing fees where applicable) going to Help Refugees, via our Fundraising Page.





Lesley A Bramwell