Scent Notes: Dusk

The mysterious and magical time between the brightness of day and the darkness of night, a bridge between two worlds. Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides), a key essential oil in this scent is a grass native to southern India. Its oil, known as ‘the oil of Tranquility’ has a profoundly relaxing effect, relieving tension and stress.



Twilight falls and wild geraniums fade into the serene scent of dark patchouli. Smoky vetiver lingers, pausing between day and night. Encased in hand-blown glass and made entirely of natural ingredients, on lighting of the Essence + Alchemy Dusk Candle, it first gifts the crackle of the wooden wick, then its warming glow releases the tranquil aromatherapy essence into the air. Wax is slowly wicked away leaving a glass for reuse - drinking, planting or refillable with a new candle scent.

Photo Credits: Hege Morris

Lesley A Bramwell